Janine A Danks Annual Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia and Society for Reproductive Biology and Australia and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society 2016

Janine A Danks

Associate Professor Janine Danks is the Head of Histopathology in the School of Health and Biomedical Science. Janine completed her PhD at Monash University and the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda. She returned to Australia to work on the localization of parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) with Jack Martin. Janine’s research interests have included the examining the presence of PTHrP in epithelial tumour types, including breast, skin and prostate. In addition she has tried to understand why these tumours have a predilection to metastasize to bone. Her interest in comparative endocrinology dates back to the discovery of PTHrP. She has attempted to establish which was the first hypercalcemic hormone; parathyroid hormone (PTH) or PTHrP. Janine has worked with a number of international research groups looking at the evolutionary history of both PTH and PTHrP. Janine is internationally recognized as an expert in calcium regulating factors in fish and lower vertebrates and has made discoveries that have changed the field. She has been an invited speaker at meeting ranging from bone meetings such as ASBMR, IBMS, to those that more focused on comparative biology including Interdisciplinary Approaches to Fish Skeletal Biology, International and European Conference of Comparative Endocrinologists. The awarding of a Founding Fellow of Science by the RCPA recognized her contribution to histopathology. Janine was a member (2005-2208) and then the Chair of Women in Bone and Mineral Research committee of ASBMR (2008-2012). Her contribution to ASBMR was acknowledged when she received the Shirley Hohl Award in 2012. She was also a Member-at-large, International Federation of Comparative Endocrinology Societies Council (2001-2013). She is currently a member of the Ethics Advisory committee of ASBMR (2015-2017) and the organizer of the Comparative Endocrinology of Calcium Metabolism Workshop (1998-) for IBMS.

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